Kaffa, the birth-place of coffee. Around the 15th Century the practice of drinking coffee was first recorded in the south western region of Ethiopia.

Markos, founder, owner and purveyor of Kaffa coffee grows the finest wild coffee beans on his land in Jemma within the Kaffa zone. When we say 'wild', we mean that the coffee occurs naturally on this land. It has been supported through centuries of farming so that the naturally integrity of the indigenous beans is preserved.

After the beans have been allowed to grow in the most natural environment to their true potential, they are harvested and packed. Markos ships the beans into the heart of Dalston, London where his own custom built coffee roaster hungrily awaits the beans.

Markos carefully medium roasts the beans to perfection using ancient ethiopian methods. This is all done on site at the coffee shop just behind Markos's Gaggia coffee machine that he will use to prepare this most unique coffee for you.

Markos knows that only coffee from the Kaffa region and prepared with these technique will deliver what he believes to be real coffee.

It doesn't get any realer than this!